Lunchtime Reading: “Why I turned my back on Hollywood”

Kids at the nearby shopping centre sometimes heckle, Moore says, calling him God, or Jesus, “which I’ll take, because Jesus died at 33 and they’ve obviously mistaken me for a much younger man”. Read the rest here…

Lunchtime Reading: Geek Masculinity and the Myth of the Fake Geek Girl

“Geek” is a gendered noun. There’s a GeekGirlCon, but no GeekGuyCon: every con is GeekGuyCon, unless it specifies otherwise. You don’t say “geek guys” the way you say “geek girls”: once you’ve said “geek,” the “guy” is pretty much taken as read. When a label is gendered, it carries all […]

Lunchtime Reading: The real story behind “Argo”

“Zelazny’s Lord of Light was a huge book that came out in 1967. And Barry wanted to adapt it. I think it spoke to him on a number of levels. A big part of the book is putting technology back into the hands of the people, and taking it out […]

Lunchtime Reading: The Cabin in the Woods and Ritual Sacrifice

As the movie progresses, many key aspects of the occult elite and its way of functioning are described in vivid detail: Mediatised mega-rituals, occult secret societies, mind control, high-tech monitoring and so forth. At the end of the movie, one might realize that these scared and confused teenagers running around […]

Lunchtime Reading: Skeleton Army

“The most recent discovery at this bog is a boon to archaeologists and necromancers alike — the skeletal remains of a 200 strong army whose lives ended at the bog. But wait, it gets magnitudes of order more grim, because those lives appear to have ended not in battle, but […]

Lunchtime Reading: “How to Hunt a Basilisk”

“[The man] was dressed in creaking black leather covered with a mass of tinkling mirrors, and his eyes were protected with large eyeglasses. Armed with a sturdy rake in his right hand and a blazing torch in his left, he must have presented a singular aspect when venturing forth into […]