“…and we change with them.”

When I moved to Michigan in 1996, one of the first things I set out to do in my new hometown was find a comic book store. Finding the right comic book store is like finding the right church. And more difficult in a town where there is a church […]

Lunchtime Reading: “Why I turned my back on Hollywood”

Kids at the nearby shopping centre sometimes heckle, Moore says, calling him God, or Jesus, “which I’ll take, because Jesus died at 33 and they’ve obviously mistaken me for a much younger man”. Read the rest here…

Mo(o)re Lovecraft in 2013

Howard Phillips LovecraftAfter the overall fizzle of DC’s so-called “New 52”, the remarkably ill-conceived and even more poorly executed Before Watchmen, my ongoing disinterest in anything that Marvel’s “House of Ideas” — or should that be “House of ‘Ideas'”? — has to offer, to say nothing of the genuinely heartbreaking news that Dave Sim is likely turning his back on comics altogether… well, the news that Alan Moore is working on a new miniseries about the life of H.P. Lovecraft has gotten me excited about comics again.

I’m not the first person to say this, but…

…the news that Superman and Wonder Woman are now officially to be an “item” is just a predictably short-sided editorial move to drum up sales. No kidding, right? What else is new. I’m feeling more and more cynical about comics these days — at least, cynical about the mainstream ones. […]

“Superheroes are our dreams of ourselves.”

comicbookGRRRL has posted a full transcript of her interview with the extraordinary gentleman Alan Moore in which he waxes on all sorts of excellent topics, including his next novel “Jerusalem” which sounds fascinating… “And at the same time as this I’ve been working upon my novel Jerusalem which is at […]


Alan Moore on Harvey from Estate of Harvey L. Pekar on Vimeo. (Guess what I just bought me’n the missus for Christmas…)

Fragments from Florida

Waking up early, a few hours after I usually go to bed, gives me an odd moment of deja vu — I’m awake, it’s dark and quiet, I should be writing. But I can’t, because I’m meant to be getting on an airplane. That doesn’t stop my mind from working […]

A Cruel Season

Before the actual bloggery begins, I just wanted to give a shout out for my friends in New Zealand. You’re all in my thoughts and prayers. And, to everyone everywhere else… you should all go make a donation to the NZ Red Cross right now.

Selene and a Smattering of Olympians Cavorting

Put on your grass skirt and coconut brassiere, it’s time for another Link Luau — with the latest news on book reviews, book clubs, podcasting popularity, blue-eyed babies, and the madness of Englishmen…

I tend to think that what fame has done is to replace the sea as the element of choice of adventure for young people. If you were a dashing young man in the 19th century you would probably have wanted to run away to sea, just as in the 20th […]