The Livid Scar

Leading up to Halloween this year, I’ve been writing a bit about various things that scare me, and why. So far, I’ve gone through movies, poetry, and music. I’ve got a few more things I want to write about but it’s time to take a turn deeper inward and talk […]

Strangers When We Meet

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” — Anais Nin Been back home for a week or so — well, going on two weeks now — and I’ve been following up with the handful of contacts, leads, and introductions I made while at […]

But for the Grace

Well. This is what it’s like: A big convention hall filled with booths, books and people everywhere. Thousands of them. It’s overwhelming sometimes and, eventually, all that I have left are little slices of memory and anecdote… …stormtroopers in full regalia, posing for pictures with anyone who asked… …the gorgeously […]

blak citins sleyp

It isn’t too far into the evening that I realize why Neil Gaiman always writes about food and sleep on his blog. Apparently there’s neither in the publishing world. An open bar, however, makes up for a lot. Despite the lack of anything remotely resembling food, I spent a perfectly […]

Five Black Kittens

I’ve made it to L.A., heading to a few parties tonight populated with the West Coast literati. So I’m a bit out of my element. But I did get to lend a hand feeding five stray kittens that my hosts found a few days ago. The kittens are very tiny […]