Summer Salt - T.M. Camp

Just a little something in the spirit of the season…   “Summer Salt” by T.M. Camp The aged oak trees line each side of the narrow dirt lane. The twisted boughs above me clutch at the flat, pale sky beyond. I walk beneath them without knowing where I came from […]

lost keys

As the plane breaks the cloud cover over Key West, I look out the window and see the ocean for the first time in I’ve-lost-count-how-many-years. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I hate the sea. But I have to admit, despite myself, it is an impressive sight. The water below […]

“Shrouded in a daft disguise…”

For a few years now, I’ve been dreaming about a house. The same house, time after time. It’s not a house I know in the waking world, it bears no similarity to anywhere I’ve ever been. The closest place I could name to describe it would be the Haunted Mansion […]

“The Third Day Comes a Frost…”

Cold times here in the midwest — single digit temperatures and below, arctic winds, and lots of grumpy people. And when the sun does shine, it’s a brittle, cheerless light.

So, of course, I’m loving it.

Five Seconds, Maybe Ten

So, I’ve done movies and songs and poems and books and even dreams. But the scariest thing of all..? This was years ago. It was summer. My family had gone on an extended trip to visit grandparents on the West Coast and I was alone in the house for six […]

Gates of Horn, Ivory

The spiral winds tighter as it descends, so we’re getting pretty close to the core at this point. I’ve done my take on scary books and movies, spent some time babbling about ghost poetry and music . . . but now it’s time to switch off the light and go […]