Transcriptions from another world…

I just lost an hour’s worth of writing time tonight. Drat. I should say that my process is a little bit different than usual right now. It’s NaNoWriMo, so I’m working on a smaller project and trying to make better use of the available technologies in order to get it […]

Five Seconds, Maybe Ten

So, I’ve done movies and songs and poems and books and even dreams. But the scariest thing of all..? This was years ago. It was summer. My family had gone on an extended trip to visit grandparents on the West Coast and I was alone in the house for six […]

Thin Rain…

Poetry is probably one of the few things that doesn’t typically get marginalized into genres. Sure, you have anthologies geared towards specific themes like Love/Romance or Nature but that seems fairly rare and certainly as artificial the literary classification that I’ve written about here from time to time. Edgar Allen […]

The Music of Fear

Music is a funny thing and, usually, not something you think of in terms of horror. Even at it’s darkest, I don’t know that it’s ever scary. There are some kinds of music — particularly the harder, harsher speed metal or even some of the more artsy experimental composers — […]

Welcome Home, Eleanor

Last year, I posted a few articles during the week leading up to Halloween. At the time, it had been my intention to write one article a day on different topics. But real life stepped in and I had to stop after Werewolves and Ouija Boards. Alas. I’m taking another […]