I’ve talked about this before, but the latest surge in popularity for live video streaming apps like Periscope has reminded me of the digital clock I used to watch from my bedroom window late at night: …and when I was young, I’d look out my window at night. There was […]

A Quick One from the Kitchen

Just popping my head in — while the children battle for couch supremacy, while I put the finishing touches on this evening’s Festival of Leftovers — to remind all of you that today is the 30th anniversary of the disappearance of Elvis Presley. Also, thanks in part a a bout […]

Nope, Not Asleep Yet…

I am deeply, deeply disappointed in the weather. After spending the last nine months of my life struggling to stay awake until midnight, I’m suddenly awake at 2 am with my laptop and a dwindling battery and the Jewlery Channel babbling away in the background. (Actually, I’m kind of getting […]

Summertime in Hell

There’s only one thing I hate about the Midwest: Summer. The heat, the humidity, it’s like walking around in a dog’s mouth for three months. It’s hot tonight, thunderbolts and lightning (very very frightening me, Galileo), ceiling fans’re cranked to the max . . . but there’s still no sleep, […]

Postcards From Hell

These postcards are about a thousand times more interesting and honest than the news here. They just broke my heart. It’s really quite something, what people can do. There’s been so much unhappiness lately for so many people I know — like there was some kind of misfortune building up […]