“…and we change with them.”

When I moved to Michigan in 1996, one of the first things I set out to do in my new hometown was find a comic book store. Finding the right comic book store is like finding the right church. And more difficult in a town where there is a church […]

Driving to School

I listen to a lot of music when I write. I find it helps set the mood and, honestly, I can get a little obsessive about it — playing the same song over and over throughout the course of a project. Eventually, there’s no separating the song from the story. […]

“I wish I knew where to start, how to give what you dream…”

For whatever reason, some tracks just stick with me. They become a touchstone. This is one of them. For me, this song is always going to evoke Christmas 2011, those cold winter nights right before my two oldest children returned from five months in Ghana. I’m coming back to it […]

Last Night / First Night

(The past few months have been a blur of days. I wouldn’t have believed it was actually months, even, if I didn’t know better. The momentum picked up so fast, some days I wasn’t sure I could take it. The only thing saving my sanity right now is the knowledge that we won’t be likely to go through all of this ever again.)

Almost thirty years ago…

…a fellow in a dream told me “He who dies…” but I woke up before he could finish what he had to say. Tonight I finally heard the end of that phrase thanks to Boardwalk Empire. So there’s that. (Best show on television, by the way.)


“Welcome to Adventure!! Would you like instructions?” The table was octagonal. Above it hung a globe of frosted glass set inside an inverted basket — a relic of the earthier home decor from previous decades, when remnants of the handmade counter-culture were co-opted and made legitimate by the middle class. […]