“You know me, I’m your friend…”

You can blame Greg Proops for this one. The cat plays it all the time on his The Smartest Man in the World podcast. And it’s outstanding. As is the podcast. So here’s Curtis Mayfield’s “Pusherman” for your listening pleasure.

Selene and a Smattering of Olympians Cavorting

Put on your grass skirt and coconut brassiere, it’s time for another Link Luau — with the latest news on book reviews, book clubs, podcasting popularity, blue-eyed babies, and the madness of Englishmen…

On Podcasts

Kensinger Jones is an old-school advertising man who made his mark back in the 1950’s and 60’s with a lot of original, award-winning work. As I understand it, Tony the Tiger is one of his credits, as are the Jolly Green Giant and Lil’ Sprout, the Pilsbury Doughboy, and a […]

A Quick One

Looks like at least a few of the “Assam & Darjeeling” podcast files are corrupt. I’m working on a solution, stay tuned…

The Bones of Time and Other Diversions

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, with birthdays and holidays and various little things eating up my time in dainty bites so small you hardly notice until there’s nothing left but the bones. Speaking of which, this film is either brilliant or disturbing. Or both. Either way, I want […]