Life During Wartime

[Blogging pro-tip: If you wait long enough, your last post becomes relevant again. But regardless, I deserve a good scolding for sure.]   It’s been nearly a year since last I posted, and it hasn’t been particularly good one. In that time I’ve laid off staff, been laid off myself, […]

The Long Year

T.M. Camp - photo by Tracy Thomas

As I write this, the second wave of copies of The Red Boy are shipping out to people who have placed orders. After so long, it is be a relief to see this book going out into the world. For a project that was relatively easy to write and has […]

“I go under the earth and listen to the dead people talk…”

“…they tell stories, they know it all. They tell stories of you.” Odd little synchronicities have been forming around my next book.* I’ve been struggling with the story a bit, trying to find traction. Discovering this song is the latest little nudge that I’m on the right track… * Technically, […]

Avoiding the Obvious Puns

You heard me. Myrna Loy. If you’re following me on Twitter or Facebook, then you may have seen some recent late night posts about harpies. A few people have asked if this is for a new project, something as yet unannounced. Yes. Yes it is. I know I’ve whined about […]

The Kitchen Sink Post

The weather has drifted down into the cooler temperatures, slowing everything down a little bit more each day — including this this blog post, which I’ve rewritten and added to six times to reflect the changing reality over the past month. And so, I’m hurrying to post it before anything else happens to force another rewrite.