After the Ball is Over…

Friday night, I’m meant to connect up with all sorts of interesting and famous people. Seriously famous people. You’ve heard of them. But they ditched us. Alas. Which turned out just fine by me. I got to eat my first (and only) proper meal of the weekend and have a […]

Memphis Belle

As we’re getting situated, the woman sitting next to me asks to trade seats. I am the aisle, she is the window. She has never flown before. Apparently five hours staring at the clouds isn’t appealing to her. Her husband is sitting across the aisle from us and when I […]

Ain’t Gonna Play Sun City

In Memphis, I have plenty of time to grab something to eat before the long flight to L.A., so I forgo the plastic food court in favor of a proper, sit down restaurant for grownups. Unable to locate one, I settle for the Sun Records restaurant assuming that the food […]

Odyssey Over

Back home after a quick-but-very-nice trip to Iowa to see the opening of ‘The Odyssey’. Sleep now, post more later…


Plenty of time in Minneapolis for a steak and a pint of Newcastle. I wonder, for the hundredth time, why gay men find Friday’s such an appealing work environment. I assume it’s the snappy vests — or perhaps the opportunity to serve such a fabulously good looking clientele. The airport […]