“Come back here and give me my daughter…”

Busy times right now, just a quick share of a song that’s been rattling around in my head for the past few days. Still holds up, yeah? There’s also a very nice acoustic version of it out there as well. It occurs to me that this song relates to a […]

“These are the days it never rains but it pours…”

It’s been hard going around here lately . . . and there’s another tough week ahead. Here’s David Bowie and Queen (of course). (This one goes out to the rest of the people on the edge of the night. I’m right there with ya.)

“You know me, I’m your friend…”

You can blame Greg Proops for this one. The cat plays it all the time on his The Smartest Man in the World podcast. And it’s outstanding. As is the podcast. So here’s Curtis Mayfield’s “Pusherman” for your listening pleasure.

“We feel lost and we feel found…”

Some songs just stick with me, sometimes. I don’t know why that is. It seems like songs — well, some songs — are more like places. They occupy a physical place in my mind. They’re snapshots of the geography of my dreams. And I find myself returning to them again […]

“I listened to your problems, now listen to mine…”

Woke up the past two mornings with this one in my head. No idea why. But I love the wistful, retro 80’s feel of it. Here’s Daft Punk’s “Instant Crush” from their latest album Random Access Memories.

“I go under the earth and listen to the dead people talk…”

“…they tell stories, they know it all. They tell stories of you.” Odd little synchronicities have been forming around my next book.* I’ve been struggling with the story a bit, trying to find traction. Discovering this song is the latest little nudge that I’m on the right track… * Technically, […]

“I wish I knew where to start, how to give what you dream…”

For whatever reason, some tracks just stick with me. They become a touchstone. This is one of them. For me, this song is always going to evoke Christmas 2011, those cold winter nights right before my two oldest children returned from five months in Ghana. I’m coming back to it […]

“It must be my lungs you were breathing from…”

Happy Tunesday, everyone! (Yup. I’m not above a pun. I won’t apologize.) It’s been a bit quiet around here lately, mainly due to the fact that I’m pinned under a massive amount of work right now and, as the man says, “my dreams they got to chase me ‘case I […]

The Kitchen Sink Post

The weather has drifted down into the cooler temperatures, slowing everything down a little bit more each day — including this this blog post, which I’ve rewritten and added to six times to reflect the changing reality over the past month. And so, I’m hurrying to post it before anything else happens to force another rewrite.