“I listened to your problems, now listen to mine…”

Woke up the past two mornings with this one in my head. No idea why. But I love the wistful, retro 80’s feel of it. Here’s Daft Punk’s “Instant Crush” from their latest album Random Access Memories.

“I go under the earth and listen to the dead people talk…”

“…they tell stories, they know it all. They tell stories of you.” Odd little synchronicities have been forming around my next book.* I’ve been struggling with the story a bit, trying to find traction. Discovering this song is the latest little nudge that I’m on the right track… * Technically, […]

Driving to School

I listen to a lot of music when I write. I find it helps set the mood and, honestly, I can get a little obsessive about it — playing the same song over and over throughout the course of a project. Eventually, there’s no separating the song from the story. […]

“I wish I knew where to start, how to give what you dream…”

For whatever reason, some tracks just stick with me. They become a touchstone. This is one of them. For me, this song is always going to evoke Christmas 2011, those cold winter nights right before my two oldest children returned from five months in Ghana. I’m coming back to it […]

“Where is everybody..?”

Words fail me when I try to express what the book means to me, personally and creatively. It’s in my DNA. It taught me so much (possibly everything) about story, pacing, and character. The A MOMENT OF CEREBUS website has posted a little something I wrote last week. This makes […]

“Fair lamp of Night, its ornament and friend…”

An interesting find this week, I stumbled across Daemonia Nymphe on Spotify and their music clicked perfectly with my love of myth as well as my growing obsession with classical Greek music. So here’s a little something for the Moon…

“It must be my lungs you were breathing from…”

Happy Tunesday, everyone! (Yup. I’m not above a pun. I won’t apologize.) It’s been a bit quiet around here lately, mainly due to the fact that I’m pinned under a massive amount of work right now and, as the man says, “my dreams they got to chase me ‘case I […]

Shared Mythologies

I wrote a little something about bedtime stories for my friend Jeff Hite’s website. Here’s how it begins… A few nights ago I was sitting with my daughter Sophie, looking through A Children’s Treasury of Mythology. She’s three years old and one of her favorite things is to go through […]

Social Security

Bear with me. This post is a long one. I’m making some changes in the next few days and I wanted to take a few minutes to explain why. I don’t think it’s any secret that I have a day job — I work in Advertising, in case you didn’t […]