blak citins sleyp

It isn’t too far into the evening that I realize why Neil Gaiman always writes about food and sleep on his blog. Apparently there’s neither in the publishing world.

An open bar, however, makes up for a lot.

Despite the lack of anything remotely resembling food, I spent a perfectly nice Friday evening talking with people who have written lots of books and movies, or who help get them published and/or produced. Everyone was very kind to me and I met some very nice people.

While I might not want to do that sort of thing every Friday night, I’d be perfectly happy to talk about comic books with Chris Miller for a few more hours.

Here at the house, there’s a child’s drawing hanging over the stove which shows a scene from each point in the kittens’ day: “Citins Eet” and “Citins Pley” and “Citins Sleyp”.

No eet for me but I need sleyp. Tomorrow is the Expo.

I have no idea what to expect — so I have the highest and lowest of expectations.

I expect that’s all I can expect.

Sleyp now.

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