Grandpa was…

My wife wrote this eulogy for her grandfather, Kensinger Jones. She read it at his memorial service last month. Since the service, people who knew and loved Ken have been asking for a copy (including me). I think it’s lovely. (I don’t have a photo of Keeley and Ken together, […]

On New Ideas and the Perils of Watercress

Well, it’s been a while. Lying in bed a few weeks back I found myself drifting in and out of a vague dream about a clone on the run from some sort of shadowy government agency. In my half-waking mind, the components of a story started to come together. Upon […]

The Cat and the Fox

In which I drop vague hints, recount a trip to Aurohn Lake this past weekend, and discuss the appeasement of local gods.

Garrick’s Lament and the Appeal of Milkweed

In which our Beloved Author wastes some time whining about time as a prologue to recounting his weekend (supplemented with photographs). A few interesting links are also provided and a political endorsement is made.

Unclogging the Grate

Spent a fairly miserable time over the past few days, dealing with some sort of bug I picked up on Father’s Day — which was, conversely, a wonderful time out at Aurohn Lake with most of my favorite people. It wasn’t all food poisoning and friends, either. I acquitted myself […]