The Kitchen Sink Post

The weather has drifted down into the cooler temperatures, slowing everything down a little bit more each day — including this this blog post, which I’ve rewritten and added to six times to reflect the changing reality over the past month. And so, I’m hurrying to post it before anything else happens to force another rewrite.

Strategies and Needs

Given Oltion’s Strategies below, I did some digging at Wikipedia on Maslow’s Hierarchy and the concept of self-actualization. One of the questions I prepared for when I went to lecture to classes at Northwestern College a few months back was this: Why do you write? No one asked.


Well, although it was being considered by the committee, Northwestern’s production of ‘The Odyssey’ was not invited to participate in the ACTF regional festival this year. Taking a show to the festival is a big task — you have to remount the show, go through rehearsals again, move costumes and […]

Odyssey Over

Back home after a quick-but-very-nice trip to Iowa to see the opening of ‘The Odyssey’. Sleep now, post more later…


Early on, when I was still in college, I was fortunately to have one of my plays produced. There was a talkback afterwards and someone in the audience asked me what the play meant. I’d been prepared for this and, because I was exactly that kind of writer, responded by […]

Morning and the Maze

I spend about two hours in the morning trying to figure out what time it is and if I’m late for my breakfast with the Director. Because it’s so early, most of this is done if the dark, fumbling with various clocks and laptops set for EST and CST. The […]


I escape with my life after the afternoon writing workshop and head back over to the hotel to primp and prepare for opening night. No jitters, not worried at all. The faculty potluck is a bigger concern than the show, oddly enough. I shouldn’t have worried. Everyone is very hospitable […]

Spiritus Interruptus

Eventually, I head off from the potluck full of homemade Indian food. The Director asked us to show up early at the theatre to join in with the cast’s pre-show prayer and I don’t want to disappoint him. It’s all of two blocks away and parking is easy, but I […]


The show is terrific. The performers are on it and the Director has done a huge amount of work. It’s amazing what they put together in four weeks of rehearsal. I had no idea how funny the play was. I sent them a script that had some jokes here and […]

Casting Call

We follow Bob, the Director, through a maze of students, hallways, paths, across streets. Students are everywhere and I come down from my post-lecture giddiness to feel a bit old. College was a long, long time ago. We have lunch with the cast and, once again, I forget to record […]