The Book Job

I just watched this episode of The Simpson’s last night. It’s wicked funny and you get a very nice performance from that nice Mr. Neil Gaiman as well…

“As Those Fabulous Dragons Teeth…”

“The enemy of most authors is not piracy but obscurity.” — Dave Charest About a year ago, I experienced what some might describe as a moment of clarity, one of those points where your perspective changes and you find yourself unable to go back to the way it was before. […]

And now, a little bit of powerdorkery…

Longtime readers of this blog — and anyone who had to sit through a meeting with me in the late Nineties and early Aughts — might remember my enthusiasm for a little Apple device called the Newton. I won’t go into it’s history here, but I absolutely loved the Newton. […]

Enemies and Friends

In all honesty, I didn’t plan on taking a Summer Hiatus — So consider this a little bit of catch-up, with a couple of very important announcements about what’s coming in the next month or so.