Summer Salt - T.M. Camp

Just a little something in the spirit of the season…   “Summer Salt” by T.M. Camp The aged oak trees line each side of the narrow dirt lane. The twisted boughs above me clutch at the flat, pale sky beyond. I walk beneath them without knowing where I came from […]

Summer’s End

Summer's End

October. As long back as I can remember, I’ve always been a fan. There are lots of reasons why but, if I’m being honest, the biggest one is probably that October is when it’s fairly safe to assume that we’re done with all the hot weather and summer nonsense. October […]

10 Places

Since we’re rounding the corner to Halloween, here’s a list of the 10 Most Terrifying Places on Earth. The steep Stanford Road drop off, immediately followed by a dead end, is aptly named The End of the World. If you get stuck at this dead end for too long, according […]

Gates of Horn, Ivory

The spiral winds tighter as it descends, so we’re getting pretty close to the core at this point. I’ve done my take on scary books and movies, spent some time babbling about ghost poetry and music . . . but now it’s time to switch off the light and go […]

The Livid Scar

Leading up to Halloween this year, I’ve been writing a bit about various things that scare me, and why. So far, I’ve gone through movies, poetry, and music. I’ve got a few more things I want to write about but it’s time to take a turn deeper inward and talk […]

Thin Rain…

Poetry is probably one of the few things that doesn’t typically get marginalized into genres. Sure, you have anthologies geared towards specific themes like Love/Romance or Nature but that seems fairly rare and certainly as artificial the literary classification that I’ve written about here from time to time. Edgar Allen […]

The Music of Fear

Music is a funny thing and, usually, not something you think of in terms of horror. Even at it’s darkest, I don’t know that it’s ever scary. There are some kinds of music — particularly the harder, harsher speed metal or even some of the more artsy experimental composers — […]

Welcome Home, Eleanor

Last year, I posted a few articles during the week leading up to Halloween. At the time, it had been my intention to write one article a day on different topics. But real life stepped in and I had to stop after Werewolves and Ouija Boards. Alas. I’m taking another […]


“Julia, what were you for Hallowe’en?” “An owl.” “Who?” “An owl.“ “Who?” “AN OWL!” “Who?“

An American Halloween

<span style=”font-style: italic;”>Fear is a wonderful thing, in small doses. You ride the ghost train into the darkness, knowing that eventually the doors will open and you will step out into the daylight once again. It’s always reassuring to know that you’re still here, still safe. That nothing strange has […]