Summer’s End

Summer's End


As long back as I can remember, I’ve always been a fan.

There are lots of reasons why but, if I’m being honest, the biggest one is probably that October is when it’s fairly safe to assume that we’re done with all the hot weather and summer nonsense. October is when you’re safe to mentally switch over to wearing long sleeves, sweaters, jackets and coats. All of which, thanks to decades of insecurities and body issues, I prefer.

October is when the wind blows cold.

October is brisk evening walks and cold cheeks.

October is when the moon shines brighter and hangs longer in the sky.

October is the hinge of the seasons, when the darkness slowly folds over on top of the day.

October is when the leaves start to turn, start to fall. Each one looking like they were dipped in fire or in wine.

October is apple cider. October is hot soup and fresh baked biscuits.

October is a warm house.

October is Halloween.

October is Ray Bradbury.

Rename October for Ray Bradbury

Make this happen, Internet.