T.M. Camp

As a child, T.M. Camp spent most of his time in a dreamworld. These days, he spends most of his time trying to get other people to join him there.

He is the author of the novels Assam & Darjeeling, Matters of Mortology, The Cradle, and the forthcoming The Red Boy. In addition, he has written over thirty plays, many of which have been produced by theaters around the country. A few of these have even won awards.

In 2009, he started Aurohn Press to help other authors make the most of the opportunities presented by the Internet, Social Media, and digital publishing.

T.M. lives in Michigan with his excellent, lovely wife and an indeterminate number of cats and children of variable age and intelligence.

In all of his work, T.M. explores boundaries: The boundaries between worlds… the boundaries between the physical and the supernatural… the boundaries between people… and the boundaries within ourselves.


“Boring, third-person exposition aside, here are ten slightly interesting facts about me…”

  1. Ever since I was young, I’ve averaged about three and a half hours of sleep a night; presumably there is a big nap out there somewhere with my name on it.
  2. I have the name of a Roman god tattooed on my right shoulder.
  3. I have never looked through a telescope.
  4. The aptitude test I took in high school identified “Exorcist” as the career path best suited to my gifts.
  5. I’ve changed residence approximately twenty-five times. That averages out to about once every two years since I was born. This has made me the stable and well adjusted person I am today.
  6. Nearly every house I have lived in for the past twenty years has been haunted.
  7. Back in the ’90s, I worked in politics and had the opportunity to shake the hand of every living president in a single afternoon despite the fact that I’d never voted for any of them.
  8. When I dream, my dreams all occur in the same place — a self-contained dreamworld with its own regions, recurring characters, and neighborhoods. Sometimes I wonder if there’s another Me out there somewhere, dreaming of this place.
  9. If I had a time machine, I would go back and apologize to everyone. Yes, everyone.
  10. I never lie, but you should assume that at least one of these things is not true.