Goodbye Chet - T.M. Camp

This past week I conducted two sacred offices, both equally difficult in their own right. On Thursday, I was the foreman in a jury and delivered our verdict to the court. After nine days of witnesses, evidence, argument, and deliberations, we found the defendant guilty on all five counts. It […]

Kensinger Jones

I first met Ken Jones on Thanksgiving Day in 2004. We hit it off. Not surprising, as we had a lot of things in common. Each of us had been lucky enough to fall into careers in Advertising. We both discovered a love of books and writing at an early […]

Now on Sale!

T.M. Camp’s latest book The Cradle is now on sale, with special pricing and giveaways for a limited time!

Discovery of the Week: Twine

Twine lets you create Internet-connected systems and objects anywhere you have WiFi. Compact, low-power hardware and real-time web software work together to make networked physical computing simple and versatile. Twine is a wireless module tightly integrated with a cloud-based service. The module has WiFi, on-board temperature and vibration sensors, and […]

But how will they know it’s Christmas?

Unfortunately, my next book The Cradle has been delayed somewhat. I’m doing my damnedest to have it available in time for Christmas. But it’s going to be tight. I’m not entirely sure I can make it. Until things get sorted out, you can read or listen to the first twenty […]

Well, that’s disappointing.

There’s a longer blog post brewing in the back of my mind right now, something about the Gods and the movies that hate them. But for now, I’ll stick to saying how I’m disappointed, though not surprised, to hear that Tarsem’s latest film “Immortals” is an awful mess… Here’s everything […]

Coming Soon: The Cradle

Just a little teaser for T.M. Camp’s upcoming novella “The Cradle”.